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About TRPS

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A company that directly provides Cold Chain Total Solution

We directly design and manufacture all products and services related to the cold chain and supply them directly to our customers. We also recognized the importance of developing sustainable packaging solutions for the global environment and future generations, and created SAFETAiNER for this purpose.

A specialized company that has been designing and producing excellent packaging for over 30 years, we are providing consistent quality to our customers at global manufacturing sites strategically located in Poland, Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia, including Korea. We guarantee maximum customer satisfaction in terms of customer product integrity and economical aspects, and apply innovative thinking.

A company that provides all solutions to meet the entire cold chain supply chain management requirements from vaccine and biologics production to final logistics, packaging and monitoring solutions in the cold chain, such as insulated boxes, PCM refrigerants, IoT thermographers, temperature monitoring server platform operation and All products and services related to the cold chain are directly managed from design to production and provided to customers.



Mar. 1999
Received the Minister of Finance and Economy Award
Jan. 1999
Selected as an excellent partner of LG Electronics
Dec. 1998
ISO 9002 certified
Mar. 1998
LVQC Certification (No. 98-067)
May 1997
Started trading with LG Electronics
Sep. 1990
Established Daeyang Electronics Co., Ltd.


Jun. 2022
Daeyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Changed company name to Toprun Packaging Solution Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2021
Establishment of bio division
Jul. 2010
Acquired ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004
Nov. 2007
First production of high-efficiency thermal insulation material Neopor
Oct. 2005
LGE Green Program Certify
Jan. 2001
Selected as a FAMILY 企業

Quality certification


Overseas 16 countries transport external environmental temperature data


Shipping validation using overseas subsidiaries (Poland, Mexico, Vietnam, India, China and Indonesia)

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